Cancer Free!

Well so many of you have prayed for me throughout this journey. Many have sent me texts and letters, get well soon cards and reminders of God’s truth as well as reminders that you were praying. I’ve purposely waited till this Sunday, the Lord’s day, as well as exactly 20 weeks from being diagnosed, to say: I AM NOW CANCER FREE!

I am so grateful to God for leading me through this journey. The ups and the downs, the good days and the bad days, to finally get me here. The doctor said on Friday the tumors I had are now gone and that there are no signs of tumors elsewhere in my body! My body is healed.

I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am excited to move forward now, after a summer long hiatus. I just started work this past week and it feels great to be out and about again. Next weekend our student ministry programming kicks back off and I cannot wait for that!

As I move forward, however, my heart is definitely burdened by the many people who don’t have such a simple journey with cancer. One thing I have found is that my heart is much more sensitive now to news of people who are sick, especially with cancer. For all my prayer warriors out there, if you wish to shift your prayers to a friend of mine I met in Italy (now living in Asheville, NC) who was recently diagnosed with a rare tumors that isn’t cancerous but that creates a ton of pain to organs and joints making it hard to even stand or walk. You can read Katrina’s story here.

Many have asked me what’s next for me in terms of dr’s visits and tests… I’m on a pretty simple plan. I will have to get blood work, CT scans and X-Rays for the next 5yrs. Blood work will start with being every two months and eventually pass to every six months. The type of cancer I had can easily be spotted by tumor markers in the blood, so that’s a going to be a huge way to keep an eye on me. CT scans will start with twice a year and eventually fade out altogether. And X-Rays which start at every 6 months will eventually become yearly. As a precaution my port will be left in, under my skin for 2 years just in case any tumor re-appeared and I had to start chemo again. At the end of the two years and then again at five I will be able to rest assured that I am no longer at risk. As it stands now, it would be super rare for this type of cancer to return and you can bet I will be praying that it doesn’t!!!!

So thanks to you all. For reading these blogs, encouraging me, praying and even sending gifts and money. You, as the body of Christ have really come around me and encouraged me SO much… You all hold a special place in my heart, so thank you!

I hope to post a new entry soon with some lessons I’ve learned from this journey..
Stay tuned
Daniel “stallion” Stevanus

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