Hey everyone… after some “radio silence” I’m finally back!! 

As most of you have gathered now, when I’m sick and not feeling well, my motivation to update the blog goes as well. And with this past round I spent a decent amount of days sick, so while my desire to update everyone was high, realistically, that wasn’t going to happen. However, I am here now and thought I’d drop a quick line to let you know how I have been doing. 

Round 3 of chemo took place Monday, July 27th – July 1st and was pretty good week. I’ve gotten my chemo weeks down pretty much to a science. A light breakfast in the morning, my ride picks me up at 7:45am, we head out to the hospital for 5h of infusions. Typically whoever is with me and I will share lunch and by 2pm I’m home in time for a nap. After that I hang out with the wonderful Coates family that I live with and by 9:30-10pm I’m ready for bed. 

I typically start off Monday feeling well and by Friday I feel tired, weak and starting to get sick. The week itself isn’t horrible though and one of the cool things is that I have had someone different drive me to the hospital each time. People from church, some students, family members, friends on staff with me, the sad part is I have had to say no to some people because there are too many that want to help. For a people person like myself, this has been such a great blessing and even the nurses at the hospital have laughed at how many different people I’ve brought along with me. 

Also, on the Thursday of my last treatment week I was able to sweet talk the nurses to change one of the TVs in the infusion center (this was a big deal!) from HGTV to watch the Italy – Spain match of the Euro Cup 2016. It was nice to pass the time doing something fun and it was especially nice since Italy won 2-0 (sorry Spain fans!!). 

The weekend after treatment (4th of July weekend), which typically is the hardest, was no different for me this time. Saturday was ok, I had my home hydration machine and medicine and while I never got too nauseous and didn’t throw up, but then I still hit a pretty low low on Sunday evening. That is when I reached out for you all to pray for me on Facebook. And I do believe that because of your prayers I had a great night of rest and on Monday I started to feel my energy start to come back. 

The difference this time was that while I was recovering from the fatigue of chemo, I also got a cough and sore throat and a light fever. This persisted most of this week with chills and temperature spikes. Getting sick is fairly normal after chemo because of the low white blood cells, I am grateful though it didn’t develop into something even worse which can often happen. This past week was pretty miserable, however, with recovering from treatment and battling some sort of virus at the same time. 

Today, though, I am feeling well again! Just shy of being 100% back to normal and ready to enjoy a nice normal week next week. My mom also will be arriving next week and I’m excited about that. Monday July 18th I will be starting my 4th and final round of chemo and I am really pumped to be at the end of what has been a rather unpleasant journey. I am still so thankful to all of you who pray for me, reach out with cards and texts and let me know that you are praying. PRAYER WORKS! And it also encourages me so much. So keep praying! 

I am hoping to send out another update before the start of my last round to ask you guys to help and join me in a “prayer vigil” of sorts as I enter the last round and cross the finish line… Be expecting that some time next week. 

Until then… Thanks fam
Daniel “stallion” Stevanus

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