Five, Four, Three, Two, One

Hey friends.. I realize it has been some time since my last update. In order to get you all up to speed on how things are going but to still keep this post short enough that you would actually read, here are 5 things I want everyone to know!

(If you are pressed for time, just read the BOLD text)


This past Saturday was the

end of week 5

of my 12 weeks of treatment! And week 12 is my last “healthy week” so once that starts I will be officially done. So technically I just started my fifth of 11 weeks. And with 2 chemo weeks out of 4 done I can say I’m basically at the half way point. I am looking forward to reaching that finish line!!!


This is the number of sick days that I faced after round two. Friday June 10th was the last day of round 2. Saturday and Sunday I had my home hydration machine and the better nausea medicine so I am happy to say I didn’t have as rough as a time as the first time around. However, even with hydration and no nausea, I still had 4 pretty rough days where I simply had little energy, felt off and just not myself. After this past Tuesday things got a little better and then Friday I bounced back to pretty much normal and now I have a week of relief before round 3 (June 27th). So much smoother than last time, and I’m grateful for that, but still some not so fun times trying get better and accepting the timing needed to reach that.


Here are 3 things I’ve been grateful for lately

– I have been so blessed by the love and generosity of all you wonderful people. From my old life group back in NY, to my 7th grade boys small group here in Lexington. People I know well, to old friends I haven’t spoken to in years. Whether a Facebook post/message to encourage me or a card or gift mailed to me. A text to let me know you are praying for me, or bumping in to someone during my rare “outings” to the grocery store. The love and prayers I’ve received from everyone has truly encouraged me to continue through this journey. Thank you!  

– Along those lines, 2 churches and a special couple have made it possible for my mom to travel from Italy to see me in the month of July. And as missionaries living on financial support, this is huge. So many parents have asked me how mine have been dealing with being so far away during this process. And while we are grateful for technology and being able to easily communicate, it will be nice to be able to spend some time together towards the end of my treatments. I like to say that this is more of a blessing for my mom… but as a good Italian guy, I’m super excited to have her be able to visit and take care of me a little ;op

My good friend Matt down here has come up with a really cool idea to help and bless me in this process as well. He and I are working out some details still.. so stay tuned for more information on this. Super vague, I know, just know that he approached me with a plan he devised that showed his concern and care for me. Having him think about how to help me in my time of need has been a true encouragement!


Here are my 2 prayer requests

– I have been asking everyone to pray for the results of my CT scan. On Friday I had a scan done and today (June 21st) I’m meeting with my dr to find out the results of the test. After my surgery in early April where they removed the first tumor that was found, I had a CT scan done which revealed two smaller tumors in my abdomen. One was 2 centimeters and the other was smaller. The hope is that this new scan would show these tumors shrinking or possibly even gone already. This would show progress the of the chemotherapy and know that my treatments are working. Pray the tumors are getting smaller!!

– This second round of chemo went smoother than my first one, but in someways it took more of an emotional and mental toll on me. Sitting around sick just waiting to get better, knowing there are still two more rounds to go.. there were some tough days for me. Please pray that I will continue to keep my gaze on the Lord. That I would trust in His strength and His leading through this process.


At the end of the day, it’s all about one God. My strength, my shield, the one who leads me each and every day. It’s easy to “just say this stuff” but I have been able to truly see God at work every day of this sickness. He gives me the peace I need and the strength that I need each and every day. And I would not be able to do this without my relationship with Him!

Thanks Fam
Daniel “stallion” Stevanus

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