Careful What You Wish For…

I’ve always been a fan of short hair cuts. Buzzed sides, cool style on top. And during the summers up on Long Island I remember thinking “I wonder what it would be like to shave my head…” 

Well this past week, that wondering became a reality. On Sunday evening of this past week I noticed that I was loosing some hair. It is a pretty common side effect of chemo therapy. The chemicals kill off any fast growing cells in your body, your hair being one of them. 

After meeting with the doctor he suggested buzzing everything as some people tend to wait too long and hair begins to fall out in inopportune moments. So with the youth staff over at my house for our fall planning retreat, we took a few moments to take care of business. With Matt (aka my college barber) we buzzed it all off. And if the remaining hair begins to fall out as well, then I will have to go ahead and shave it all with a razor. 

It’s different when you are “forced to do something” and when you get to choose. But as I’ve been talking with others I am reminded that it’s just hair, it will grow back.. and it’s definitely a look that’s easier to pull off for men. So even for this, I am grateful. 

I will be posting another update Sunday or Monday with info about the next round of treatment and a huge prayer request I need everyone to join with me in praying for. 

Stay tuned for news…
Daniel “stallion” Stevanus  

Scroll down to the previous post for a picture of the new look! 

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