These are just a few pics I was able to take with a tiny bit of energy stored up… 

Top: Sadie and Dimitri sitting on my bed talking to me and cheering me up on Sunday afternoon. Dimitri was in Charlotte for a wedding and decided to take the time to stop by for a quick visit as he will be going to Italy next week for a few weeks

Bottom Left: On Friday Tyler Smith (red jacket) who volunteers with our student ministry stopped in with his roommate Shake who was in town before heading out to go to India for a month. Shake brought his girlfriend Christina ® and her best friend Esther (L). Through Tyler volunteering and us hanging out at CIU together I’ve gotten to know and enjoy this crew pretty well. Theirs was a special visit since they were mostly stopping in from out of town.  

Bottom Right: gotta keep that selfie game strong 😂

I am also so grateful for the rides to the hospitals and quick pop in visits from close friends. At this point I am still overwhelmed by everyone’s outpouring. Jessica has been coordinating my transportation needs and we have been working on a plan for gifts and other goodies as many have wanted to help with this. I will try my best in the next few days to roll out a plan for anyone who wants in! 

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