Day 1 In The Books

And just like that, day 1 is in the books!

I was at the hospital from 8:30-1:30 and all in all it was a good day. Lexington Oncology is a great place to be for treatment. The nurses, staff and everyone here is cheerful and in good spirits. They explained everything really well for me and they made sure I was set with everything I needed. The pharmacist here is a Mt. Horeb member and he came out to check up on me twice, it was a great experience here. I’m glad for this because for the rest of the week this is my temporary home.

Eric and Jessica Coates took me in and spent the day with me as surrogate parents. We laughed, hung out and had lots of good conversations. Two girls who graduated from the student ministry last year stopped in for a lovely visit as well. When it was all said and done, the day flew by pretty quickly and I was home before I knew it.

Once I got home I was super tired, so I took a nap. Sadie, the 6yr old daughter of the family I live with, made sure I was tucked in with all the pillows and stuffed animals I could ever need. She is really sweet. After my nap I was feeling well and was able to visit with an old college friend Brandon Mason who happened to be in town. He has been into Olympic Lifting for a few years now and encouraged and resourced me when I first started. I brought him over to Lift Mafia to meet and work out with my coach and friend there. We spent some time praying for my treatment and then they got to work, lifting some heavy weight.

A huge blessing though yesterday was having everyone reach out with prayers and encouragement! On social media, through texts and emails. I have been overwhelmed by the blessing and outpouring from you all. Keep it coming, knowing it blesses me so much. I’m still behind on getting back to you all, just know that I do receive your communication and it brings a smile to my face.

Today is day two, I’m sitting here with my brother Chris, getting my 2nd dose of chemo for the week. We are watching movies, making new friends, getting some more meds and all is going well. As you read this I will be most likely done with day two and have only 18 days of chemo left. For this I praise the Lord!

Keep up the prayers and encouragements!
Blessings to you all,

Daniel “stallion” Stevanus

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