Port and Chemo

Yesterday, Friday May 13th (lucky day), I had surgery and received my port for the chemo treatments. Logan, Matt and pastor Brian kept me company and prayed with me before surgery and then Eric took me home when it was all over. 

Surgery went well and I have been able to recover quickly. The port is on my left side, just under my clavicle. I feel like someone beat me repeatedly, only on the upper left side of my body, but that soreness is less today and I trust all will be better by Monday morning. 

The port itself is a blessing as most people know. But for those who aren’t familiar (like me, just a few weeks ago), it allows me to receive the chemo medication and preform any blood test without having to stick me a million times throughout this whole process. It also allows the chemo to move directly to my main vein without affecting the smaller veins, which would be the case if they were to inject it elsewhere. Praise the Lord for modern technology!

Monday then is the big day, when I start chemo therapy. I met with a nurse this past week to learn more about my two specific medications. Side effects, procedures, what to look out for, what to expect, what’s good, what’s bad, when to call if… A lot of information but all in all good stuff. 

Essentially what I have learned is that they really can’t say what it all will be like because so much changes from person to person. And while they have a general idea, and experience with past patients, still it all depends on how my body reacts specifically with the specific medications they give me. This unknown is at times scary and at times exciting. Exciting may not be the best term, but I do feel a sense of eagerness to get started, see how my body does and then move forward. 

I still appreciate all the love and support so many of you have demonstrated. With emails, texts, calls, hugs and even just smiles. I mentioned on the encouragement page that I am behind on reaching out to everyone, but I am determined to getting back to all of you. So if you haven’t heard back from me yet.. you will, and soon!

In my last post I mentioned I was titling this post grateful and decided instead to make a whole grateful page. Be sure to check that one out each time you are on the site because that one will change and be updated often, with no real notifications.. I’m really excited about that page! 

Also don’t forget to sign up for email notifications on when there are new posts

Until next time… 

Daniel “stallion” Stevanus

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