My Story

Hey friends, 

thanks for checking out my site. I will be trying to post stuff that is short (ha, if you know me, you know this is a joke!) but post it often so you can stay current on my situation. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list in order to know when new posts are up and to get updates in real time. 

Here’s how it all began… 

I had noticed a mass on my left testicle and knew I needed to get it checked out. Side note, it turns out men ages 15-25 who are most at risk should check once a month for signs of testicular cancer. 

I then went to a dr. who is a great member at Mt. Horeb who helped me do some further testing and then meet with an awesome urologist. On Easter Sunday 2016 I found out that the mass I had found was most likely cancerous and that step one was to have surgery and to have it removed. By that following Friday, with the help of the two doctors I had the surgery and then began the waiting process. 

2 weeks to heal from surgery and my follow-up exam. 1 week to get a visit with my oncologist (another great doctor!) and then some more tests: blood work and CT scan. I then waited 1 more week to hear back from those results and this past Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, I found out that the cancer has spread. 

Two small masses in the lymph nodes and the and the treatment plan, chemo therapy. This Friday, I will have an outpatient surgery to have a port put in for all my treatments and next Monday, the 16th I will begin treatment. 

Right now the plan is to do 5 days of chemo and then have the following 2 weeks to rest and recuperate. This 3 week process is considered 1 round and in total I will have to have 4 rounds, 12 weeks which will end in early August. 

So now, the good news…

Testicular has an over 95% survival rate, when detected early, even 99% and in my case, I’m right around 96% you can say, “the odds are ever in my favor.” But what’s greater than that, God is taking care of me. I am at peace with what’s ahead and confident in the plan the doctors have developed. 

Well let me sign off for now, but know I’ll be back at this soon, with my next post… GRATEFUL!

Thanks for your prayers,

Daniel “stallion” Stevanus 

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