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Right now my site is being used primarily to keep people up to date with my battle against Testicular Cancer. I was diagnosed in March of 2016, had surgery and 3 months of chemotherapy and in August I thought I was all done (you can read about this in my 2016 Blog).

In March 2017, during a routine scan, the dr’s saw some enlarged lymph nodes. They ordered a biopsy and discovered some new traces of cancer. These cancer cells are a mutated version of the previous ones. It seems they had most likely already advanced to this new type before I underwent chemo last year. The chemo killed all the old cells, leaving this new type, which now needs to be treated. 

The treatment plan for this new set of cells is surgery. And while this is better than chemotherapy, in my opinion, the surgery prescribed, is a pretty serious one. It is called RPLND (Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection) and it will involve 4-10 recovery days in the hospital and then a 4-6 weeks at home. The surgery is mostly routine and used to be pretty common, but it does present the possibility of some complications. 

Please join in me with prayer as I continue to fight this battle against cancer. And be sure to sign up for email updates or check out my latest post!

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Daniel “stallion” Stevanus